I Can Live Without a Dog, But I Don’t Want To

I still remember the words author, Cynthia Lord posted when her sweet Milo crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She told her husband, “I can live without a dog, but I don’t want to.”

A couple weeks later, she was the proud mom of the most adorable little white fluff-ball.

We lost our “heart” dog, Lucy, last summer. It was sudden and traumatic. We took her to the Westside Animal Hospital in Lithia Springs, GA, for what we thought was a pulled or strained muscle. Lab work, an MRI, and ultrasound later, we heard the devastating news. Hemangioscarcoma of the spleen, along with heart failure and liver damage. According to Lucy’s regular vet, this type of cancer is insideous; coming on very silently and quickly.

The other night Lucy’s dad said, “I want a dog on my lap.” His lap was Lucy’s go-to position every night after dinner. She loved her dad and he loved her. She was his Little Buddy. She was my Baby Girl.

I’ve had dogs most of my life, as you can see, below.

First was Valentine, a border collie, shepherd mix, and still the smartest dog I’ve ever known. She was my 14th birthday present, although Mom and Dad loved her as their own. We all did.

Next was Sam. His breed is a mystery but he was my buddy. He loved to sneak out of the yard and visit our neighbor. She’d always have a sugar cookie waiting at her back door.

Finally, Molly. She’d been turned in, at the age of 3, to the Miami Animal Shelter after her owner died. She was probably some kind of terrier, but one vet swore she had bird dog in her, and oh, how she loved to run! And, oh how we loved her.

So, here we are. Almost a year since Lucy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve started an investigation into adopting another rescue dog. It’s been two whole weeks now, and we’re no closer than we were. But, I’m sending messages out into the Universe, so I know the perfect little companion will show up at our door, any day now.

So, Universe! Do your job!

Adopt! Don’t Shop!

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