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11-year-old Jake McMillen wants, more than anything in the world, to play varsity basketball for the Panthers,  just like his late, Grandpa Max. One big problem. While Jake inherits his grandfather’s love for the game, the McMillen height passes him by.

 Not only that, “old people” like his grandmother, keep taking up too much of his precious practice time. He knows she’s sick, but being dragged along to her steamy apartment  by his mom, cuts into that afternoon’s pick-up game at the Island basketball court.

 After getting totally humiliated during the game by star player, Quinn Parker, Jake gets a ghostly message that changes his outlook  toward his grandmother’s illness and inspires him to pursue his dreams.

“The author makes every word count, making the story come to life without too much narration and description. Dialogue and action move the story along. This is a well-written short story…” – Mayra Calvani – Read full Review on Blog Critics

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Christmas 1964, brings a mysterious visitor to Cynthia’s house; a reclusive great-aunt nicknamed, “Crazy Daisy.” Is she really crazy or just eccentric? Cynthia and Gus are determined to find out, but a stray ember and a flaming nightgown take the girls on an unexpected trip through time, back to 1914, where compassion and friendship gives new meaning to the spirit of Christmas.  

 Now, right in time for the holidays, Cunningham has penned a charming short story featuring the two 12-year old time travelers: “Christmas With Daisy.” Read full review on Blog Critics

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Book One

The Missing Locket

Book Two

The Magic Medallion

Book Three

The Curse of the Bayou

Book Four

The Magician’s Castle

Book Five

The Legend of Lupin Woods