Andi Anna Jones Mysteries

Margaritas, Mayhem & Murder


Andi’s stepmother, Ruby, is a real piece of work, but is she a murderer?

Andi Anna Jones, so-so travel agent/amateur sleuth, puts aside her resentment of her father’s widow and books a 60th birthday cruise to Cancun for Ruby and three friends. Never does Andi imagine the cruise will include the murder of a has-been lounge singer—or that Ruby might be the main suspect.

Flirting with more than danger after arriving in Mexico, Andi connects with charming local sheriff, Manual Gonzales. An embarrassing night involving the sheriff, too many margaritas, and a Mariachi band, can’t quell her determination to clear the name of her ex-stepmother.

While gathering clues and interviewing witnesses, however, she suspects dear old stepmom isn’t the only one in jeopardy.

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Sazerac, Sleuth & Slay! 

It’s gonna be a great day! Or, so she thought.

Andi Anna Jones, so-so travel agent, amateur sleuth, doesn’t suspect her least favorite client, Stewart (The Pain) Payne, will set off circumstances that lead to disappearance and death.

After his wife is a no-show for a convention in New Orleans, his threat to sue Graves Travel for “ten times more than it’s worth”, and Andi’s wish to honor one of her late dad’s requests, leads her to The Big Easy in search of Grace Payne.

Five unsolved murders, a body caught in a crawfish cage, and a mysterious candle, magic, and incense shop, takes Andi deep into the bayou on a hunt for clues.

Will another victim be added to a serial killer’s list, or is the main suspect closer to Andi than she thinks?

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Dear Reader,

Did you ever want to take a horrifying job experience and turn it into something positive? My latest fictional character, Andi Anna Jones, is my way of coming to terms with a short-lived career as a travel agent.

Andi, mediocre travel agent, with an inferiority complex about her job, and her single status, discovers her “inner sleuth” when forced to fly to Cancun after her dad’s widow is arrested for the murder of a has-been lounge singer. She soon discovers her talent to flesh out clues and solve mysteries far surpasses her ability to book vacations and handle complaints from unhappy clients.

One of the first bits of advice I received was “Write what you know.” I followed that advice in Andi Anna Jones.

I want to thank my dad for inspiring me to write, my mother for reading my first family memoir and saying, “This is good!” (I chose to ignore the surprise in her voice) To my best friend, buddy, my husband, Ken, for his encouragement, support, sense of humor, and creative mind.

If you enjoy reading Andi Anna Jones half as much as I enjoyed writing it, we’ll both be winners!