Fan Letters

Thank you note.
Love this letter from McKenzie showing her “full commitment” to becoming a writer!

Dear Mary Cunningham,

I’m very sorry I couldn’t get this message to you sooner. I was so caught up in my thoughts about the book “The Curse of the Bayou” and it’s ending. I was so very intrigued by the books end. For at least a couple days I was lost in my own little world thinking about it. I told almost everyone in my class about my thoughts on the end. Two of my thoughts were ” OH MY GOSH!!!, YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ “CURSE OF THE BAYOU” BY MRS. CUNNINGHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Also my other one is “You have to read the series of Cynthia’s Attic, it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing your gift!      Your Fan,    Aubree

I love your books! I am already on book 3#. My favorite book is 1#The Missing Locket. My favorite part is when Cynthia and Gus try to make Louis’s father laugh.It is so funny! I would like to know if you have a bell shaped locket and what is book # 4 called? Are you already done with it? Please, please write back soon. Your eager book reader, Morgan

P.S. I live in Corydon, Indiana. I would rate your books 5 star. Please send me some writing tips because I want to be an author.

Dear Mary Cunningham,

I’ve been listening to Mrs. Smith read your 1st book. We’re not done yet but I love them so much and I feel like I am really there. I was just wondering what your inspiration was to start writing Cynthia’s Attic? What is your favorite book you have written so far? Is there really a locket? Did the locket really go missing? From Karson, a big fan

Dear Mrs.Cunningham,

I love your first book Cynthia’s Attic the Missing Locket. Mrs. Smith has been telling us about you and your other great books. Why do you enjoy writing? It is really neat how you include Corydon and some of its history. We are on chapter thirteen of the first book. I just L-O-V-E, love, love, love your first book. What is the question you get from kids? What inspires you to write? What is the best part about your writing. About how many e-mails do you get a year? I am so glad you are a writer.

Mrs. Smith showed us your 3rd book when you put her students in it. I have lived here for 5 years and have learned much history but your book has taught me more of it. When I first heard that your book was based on Corydon I was surprised. I had never heard of a book based on my favorite town. I rate your book all the stars in the sky. Sincerely, Alysa

Dear Mary Cunningham,

I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I am a mystery lover! I’m guessing you are too. I would like to meet you. It could be fun.

I love your books! they are awesome! I will keep reading your books. Some people say I am lucky to have Mrs. Smith. I think they are right. I like Cynthia’s Attic. it is a cool story. Kayla

Dear Aunt Mary. I love your book. Some of the thing in it are impossible in it. Lauren Murphy. (*Lauren is my sweet, great niece!)

My favorite parts were when “Gus” & Cynthia met Aunt “Belle” & when they met up with the dead kid named, Louis. from Camryn Schmidt

Your book is very good. My favorite part is when Cynthia and Gus meet Aunt Belle. Kaytlynn

Your book is good. I like it. My favorite part is when Cynthia and Gus meet Aunt Belle. Olivia

You are a great writer I loved your book so much when they found the missing locket and they went back to the present time I was amazed about your book so much it awesome. Justin Satori.

Mary, I loved your book! It reminds me of my friend Chasitiy. She gets in all kind of adventures. Which they’re very different the adventure than Cynthia’s adventure. I liked Gus she is very funny. Julie Allen

Dear Mary Cunningham

I really loved the first book of Cynthia’s Attic. I really loved the part when the locket was found and Bell was safe. How do you come up with the ideas for Cynthia’s Attic? I can’t wait to read the second book of Cynthia’s Attic. Your Friend, Madeline Zink

Hi my name is Makenzie. We’re on your second book now I can’t wait to see what else happens. You’re a really good author. I can’t decide what my favorite part is yet.

It was the best book I have ever hard. I love it. We are reading your new book . I want to read the end. Joshua Griffee

Dear Mrs. Cunningham,

I really liked your book. It shows great friendship in it.I like how they go back and forth threw time. I think everyone who reads it will like it. It’s magical, cool, great, awesome, shows great friendship, and a great book for all ages. Dillon Gray

I love your first and second books of Cynthia’s attic. They remind me of my friends and how many adventures we go on together. We always get into some trouble on the way. They make me want to read more about

Cynthia and Gus. Chastity Matlock

I love all of your books I have heard so far. You’re an awesome

writer. I REALLY love number one about the lost locket. I hope I get to learn more about Cynthia’s and Gus’s adventures. Montana Brooks

I like to read you books because they make me laugh. You’re books are great to read in the room. This books are the bast two book the class room we read. Hannah Price

Dear Mrs. Cunningham,

I really like Cynthia’s Attic. My favorite part of the book is when Gus bumps into her great grandmother Bess. Some kids and I in the class were wondering when you send us a copy of book 2 could you put Mrs. Smith’s great kids of class 06 and 07. Thank you, Jacob.

Dear Mrs. Cunningham,

I love when Mrs. Smith starts reading “Cynthia’s Attic.” I really like the part when Gus crashes into her great grandmother when she was riding her bike. She fell into the bushes, and when Gus looked to see who was in the bushes her face went pale. She started running like a mad man! That was so funny! Thank you a lot for getting us the second copy of “Cynthia’s Attic”. That will be awesome. Thanks a whole bunch, Michael.

I like the part about where Bess and Clara run into themselves. Also how many series did you write? One more thing do you like writing books? Cassidy Saulman

Hey Mary Cunningham!

I love your book. It is scary, funny, and mysterious all at the same time. It’s an awesome story, I just can’t wait till Mrs. Smith reads another chapter! I’m just so into it! It’s a great book. Have you written any other series or books? How many more have written? Thank you for letting us e-mail you. I’m having so much fun! Well hope to see you respond, bye!! Kelsey Smith

Dear Mary Cunningham,

I like Cynthia Attic a lot. My favorite part is where she jumps in the chest but she het her head on the bottom of the chest and her little pink slippers above the chest are you writing any more books I hope you are. Signed Sierra Crutcher

Dear Mary Cunningham,

Hi. I love your book. It is great. My favorite scene is when Gus and Clara go back in time. It was the best book I have heard. Kaitlyn Baker

Dear Mary Cunningham,

I like your book so far. It is very funny in some places. I like that you wrote about Corydon, because I like have lived here for 8 years. I am 9 right now. I like how you made your book kind of mysterious. Your friend, Kayla Brawner

Hello Ms. Cunningham!!

I love your book that Mrs. Smith is reading to us. I like when Gus and Cynthia go back through time and meet their great, great grandmothers. Also I have a question. Have you written any more books? If so, how many have you written. I really can’t wait for Mrs. Smith to finish it. It’s a great book! Sincerely, Rayna Kennedy

A “proud” grandmother from Fort Myers forwarded this e-mail from her granddaughter, Katelyn.

Thank You so much for the Missing Locket book. I have already read it and am reading it again. Since I can’t put into words how much I appreciated it I will just tell you what happened in it. These to girls where brought back in time were they meet their great- great grandmothers as children. They discover a missing locket that has disapeared and are trying to find it. On their way they meet a special Aunt who has disapeard and have to try to save both her and the missing locket before it is to late. Love of love, Katelyn

The first book was great. Thanks for writing it. Can’t wait to read the next one. Good luck with writing your new book. It was a pleasure meeting you at Meccafest. Mark