The Power of Laughter

How often do you:

  1. Laugh until you snort
  2. Laugh until you cry
  3. Laugh until your sides hurt
  4. Laugh until you whinny like a horse

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

From our late teens to our mid-70’s, my BFF and I have marched to the beat of a different drummer. We laugh at circumstances no one else thinks are remotely humorous.

We once dressed up like a horse (I was the head, since I procured the costume from the Louisville Zoo, therefore Diana was the rest of the horse) for my husband’s birthday. We thought we were hilarious! Our apartment neighbors, who happened to see us pawing the ground outside the door, while vocalizing our best “equine” whinny, were seconds from calling the police until the birthday boy rushed into the hallway and explained the situation. He swore to us that he was thrilled with the surprise, but he kept a low profile around the  complex for the next few weeks.


We also loved to dress up. Let me rephrase that. We loved to dress SILLY! On a visit to Diana in Morton, Illinois, I was invited to a summer party with some of their friends and co-workers. Nope, we couldn’t arrive in the usual outdoor casual attire. We had to make a statement.

At that time, Saturday Night Live was a huge part of our TV viewing. The Steve Martin/ Dan Aykroyd’s skit about the “Festrunk Brothers” from Brataslava (fictious country, I think!) were a huge hit, at least with us. So how could we resist dreaming up the Festrunk Sisters? 

In hindsight, we should’ve resisted. In our minds, we were hilarious. In the minds of friends and partygoers? Not so much. Oh well, we had a great time and a lot of laughs. Btw, you young’uns will probably have to google…or not. 


We did know how to dress properly, however. I once donned my best Eunice (Carol Burnett) attire one evening when we were going out to dinner. Yes, I did change before stepping out the door. 

(Diana looks unimpressed. Can’t figure out why)


Yes, we’ve had a lot of laughs, and continue to do so. If you have a friend that makes you laugh uncontrollably, consider yourself extremely lucky.

I know I do! 

One thought on “The Power of Laughter

  1. Diana

    FUN post, Marold Jean, and even funner to relive and relaugh some of our adventures!! Ooooh, the times folks (including Kenny Dean!) were ready to lock us up and throw away the key. Thanks for being my bestest bud since time began.
    😜 xoxo

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