Cynthia’s Attic Series and More

Cynthia’s Attic Series

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Meet Cynthia and Gus

Augusta Lee (Gus)

Twelve years old, copper-colored hair, tomboy. Lives with her mother, father and older brother. Has a “unique-looking” dog, Sam, who barks at the neighbor’s back door every morning until she gives him a sugar cookie.

Gus is tall and lanky for her age, very self-conscious, loves to eat junk food, and has a dry wit (inherited from her dad).

She took dancing and singing lessons for awhile that were quickly discontinued when it was determined she couldn’t sing or dance. She now takes piano lessons, but can’t seem to learn to read music.

Her first love is sports…any kind. An avid softball player, golfer and swimmer, she spends the summers outdoors. But, she also loves to sleep and is not a morning person.


No middle name. Her mom thought “Cynthia” was such a pretty name, she didn’t want to add something that might detract from it. Also twelve-years-old, and has been best friends with Gus since they sat in the same baby carriage.

Blonde-hair, deep blue eyes, always fussing with her hair. She lives with her mother, father, older sister and older brother. The family’s black Cocker Spaniel is named Nicki. (Believed to be Nicki the 4th).

She took dancing lessons with Gus, and the two of them almost shut down the Umbright Studio of Dance after their first and last recital. Her parents also realized the needed switch to piano lessons.

Has to be coaxed into physical activity. Tolerates baseball, unless she breaks a nail. Prides herself on eating fruits and vegetables; anything that will be good for her health, her complexion and her shiny ponytail.