Mom Hated Fudge!

Pan of fudge for two people!

My mother hated fudge.

She had a valid reason.

When my dad retired, he entertained himself by making his homemade, Hershey’s Chocolate Fudge for the kids and grandkids.

My sister-in-law, Sherri, and I would stand just inside the kitchen door, waiting for the moment Dad poured the gooey “magic” into the pan.

Sometimes, we’d take turns blowing and fanning to hurry along the cooling process. Waiting until it completely cooled, however, was never an option.

Mmmm…I can almost taste that melt-in-your mouth, heavenly goodness. Oh, but back to the reason my mother hated fudge.

You see, dad would use a hand mixer to vigorously beat the butter, sugar, milk, and melted chocolate, and then raise the mixer in a triumphant salute!

All the fudge that didn’t make it into the pan ended up on the ceiling. Guess who had to clean it?

My mother hated fudge…

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