A Ghostly Light

My husband was around 8 when his grandmother died. She’d been in poor health for quite some time and was pretty much confined to her third-story loft Brownstone apartment in Chicago. On Sheffield Street. Ghost Light - for websites

An apartment that just happened to coincide with the first-base line at Wrigley Field. Which is why he spent many spring, summer, and fall days sitting in her window; binoculars in hand and radio nearby listening to the game and watching his beloved Cubbies.

When Grandma Sutton died, it wasn’t expected. They had just seen her the day before. But, that night, an event happened that would stay with her grandson for 60+ years.

He was asleep when a bright light awakened him. It wasn’t coming from the street because his bedroom was directly across from another building, so light was blocked out. No, definitely not car lights.

The grapefruit-sized orb traveled across the ceiling, down the wall and then directly onto his chest. It remained there for a couple of minutes until he jumped from his bed and yelled for his parents. After all, balls of light don’t just fly into your window every night.

His parents dismissed his claim as a nightmare or overactive imagination. At least they did until that next morning when they got the call.

Grandma Sutton had died during the night. She may have visited her grandson, one last time. He’s convinced she did.

That story prompted me to write Ghost Light;

11-year-old Jake McMillen wanted, more than anything in the world, to play varsity basketball for the Panthers, just like his late, Grandpa Max. One big problem. While Jake had inherited his grandfather’s love for the game, the McMillen height had passed him by.

Not only that, “old people” like his grandmother, kept taking up too much of his precious practice time. He knew she was sick, but being dragged along to her steamy apartment by his mom, had cut into that afternoon’s pick-up game at the Island basketball court.

After getting totally humiliated during the game by star player, Quinn Parker, Jake gets a ghostly message that changes his outlook toward his grandmother’s illness and inspires him to pursue his dreams.

An eerie, yet heartwarming account of the bond between a grandmother and grandson, despite all the obstacles.

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