Reflections from Andi Anna Jones

First posted on May 5, by Christy’s Cozy Corners Blog.

A few words from protagonist, Andi Jones (Andi Anna Jones Mysteries). Forced to refute a few misconceptions about her life and career, she wants to get everything out in the open.

Hi folks! I run a travel agency, although my right hand, Ellie, would, and should, take credit for the success of Graves Travel. That said, most people assume I love traveling. I suppose that’s a popular belief when it comes to agents. Actually, I get so sick of hearing customer complaints, personal travel is about the last thing I want to do! Crowded airplanes (I’m a severe claustrophobe!), airports, and lost luggage? Forget it! Another fallacy is that I travel in luxury. Ha! I have to beg for a comped room or plane ticket. Even then, luxury is not involved.

I suppose one exception would be a white sand beach in Cancun, a handsome sheriff, and a pitcher-full of margaritas. Hmmm. If only I could make that happen.

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Besides, my life would’ve gone in a completely different direction if Graves Travel hadn’t been dumped in my lap by a well-meaning neighbor. I thought I wanted to be an archeologist. (Now, stop laughing!) Or a lawyer, although my college transcripts would beg to differ.

Private detective would’ve been doable since I’ve always been interested in “sleuthing”. I watched Matlock, Murder She Wrote, and Colombo reruns while other kids my age were glued to cartoons! Ironically, I was, however, forced into action when my annoying ex stepmother (Dad’s widow), found herself in a sticky situation in a foreign country. Since my dad made me promise to look after her when he was gone, I had no choice. Especially since my sister, Georgia, was no help at all!

While you’d think travel was an ideal way to meet a significant other, it’s not that easy, especially if a new acquaintance happens to live in another country. Video chat doesn’t take the place of a date. Besides, I’m not convinced I want to settle down. Georgia, loves her husband and her kids, but she’s a wife and mom 24/7. Do I really want to give up my freedom and independence? (To be determined)

When I’m not tearing my hair out trying to build the agency into a money-making career, I love cruising A1A in South Florida in my vintage Mustang convertible. Feeling the wind in my hair and smelling the salt air rejuvenates my spirit after a tough day dealing with unhappy clients. Being a Florida native (one of the few), I’m also a beach gal. My unruly hair and mass of freckles proves it.

So, that’s about it. Andi Anna Jones and her not-so-interesting life. Stay tuned, though. You never know what changes are in store!

Don’t forget to book with Graves Travel! Ellie will be happy to help.

Andi Anna Jones

(Oh, and don’t forget to buy my book!)

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