Gnome Alone by Kirsten Weiss


Christmas is coming… and so is murder…

It’s holiday season in small-town Doyle, and the town is pivoting from UFO tourism to Bigfoot Days. For Susan Witsend, the owner of a UFO-themed B&B, this presents a conundrum.

But when Bigfoot is blamed for a mass garden gnome theft, control-freak Susan is drafted to track down the kidnapped gnomes. And then the holiday season hits another sour note with the murder of a member of her caroling group. Are Susan’s organization skills up to juggling missing gnomes and tracking down a killer in time to ring in the festivities?

Because as Susan unwraps motives and alibis, she finds herself adding more names to the naughty list. She may have to face some hard truths about her own limits and about just how far a not-so-jolly killer will go…

Gnome Alone is book five in the laugh-out-loud Wits’ End mystery series. A fast-paced and funny cozy mystery, packed with quirky characters, pets, and murder, it’s perfect for fans of Jana DeLeon, Janet Evanovich, and Donna Andrews. Beam up this hilarious cozy mystery and start reading today.

Susan’s Bigfoot Investigation Protocol at the back of the book!


I know it’s possible for sweet, little ninety-year-old ladies to be serial killers.

Once, I read about a woman who killed her elderly boarders for their social security checks. But it was impossible to suspect Mrs. Baer. Also, she didn’t have any boarders.

So the next day, after cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I paid a visit to the woman who’d discovered Tansy’s body. Mrs. Baer beamed at me over her kitchen table, her round face crinkling. She nudged the holiday cookie plate nearer. “Have another, dear.” I took a sip of sugar plum tea and reached for a gingerbread man.

“Thank you. These are delicious.” And I shouldn’t be eating them at eleven AM. But a good investigator creates rapport with the person they’re interrogating. Also, the cookies were really good.

My Review:

Gnome Alone

Gnome Alone, by Kirsten Weiss, is the fifth book in the Wit’s End cozy mystery series. Although I’m late to the party, this installment was a fun, fast-paced stand-alone read. 

Where to begin. I suppose at the Wit’s End UFO/B&B. Yes, you read that right. Susan Witsend runs a space-themed inn in the small town of Doyle, a place known for strange UFO sighting, especially around Christmas. No reason to believe the town, or the B & B’s claim to fame, would change. Not until the gnome-napping spree begins. 

Norbert, the gnome from Norway is the first casualty. The hand-carved treasure is not only swiped from Mr. Bolinsky’s garden, eyewitnesses swear Bigfoot was the thief! Susan reputation as an amateur detective around town made her the logical choice to investigate the gnome-nappings. Although Susan was one of the few residents with no faith in the town legend’s six-foot hairy monster, believed to skulk through backyards and even break in houses, she agreed to look into the disappearance. 

The author’s ability to write page-turning (or Kindle-swiping) dialogue is what makes Gnome Alone a delightful cozy mystery. Add quirky characters and an entertaining storyline and you have a winner. 

I’m looking forward to reading the first four books in the series, along with # 6, The Woman from Planet X, launching in February, 2022.  

AUTHOR Bio and Links: Kirsten Weiss writes laugh-out-loud, page-turning mysteries. Her heroines aren’t perfect, but they’re smart, they struggle, and they succeed.

Kirsten writes in a house high on a hill in the Colorado woods and occasionally ventures out for wine and chocolate. Or for a visit to the local pie shop. Kirsten is best known for her Wits’ End, Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum, and Tea & Tarot cozy mystery books.

So if you like funny, action-packed mysteries with complicated heroines, just turn the page…

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