The Year of COVID

I vividly remember this time last year.

Morning Latte

Fear, confusion, questions, and, yes, relief.

You see, I’m an introvert and empath. The thought of social gatherings almost make me sick. What should I wear? Who’s going to be there? Will my hair look okay? How many people will notice the (mumble, mumble, mumble) pounds I’ve gained. What if I forget someone’s name?

Once there, I’m fine. I laugh, talk, drink, eat; have a generally good time as long as I have a corner in which to escape and recharge.

I must admit, these past twelve months have been a dream come true. Don’t get get the idea I stayed locked in the house in my sweats. I still took showers, washed my hair, and dressed presentably. I do have pride, ya know. I also stayed connected with friends through social media, phone, and Zoom calls. We enjoyed sitting on the deck, watching the hummingbirds feed, and our furry daughter, Lucy, attempt to chase squirrels. None of which she came close to catching.

Lucy on squirrel watch

Hubs and I spent the time doing small projects around the house and in the yard, and watching lots and lots of Netflix and Amazon Prime. We even purchased the Disney Plus Channel. I finished editing a book (released soon by Wild Rose Press), completed the second book in the series, and began book three!

Ken still worked part time and played golf three times a week. Life was good. Still is.

We got our 2nd Pfizer vaccine a week ago. One more week and we’ll feel safe enough to go out for breakfast. A couple of ancient, Cracker Barrel coupons are calling our names. Oh, we’ll still mask up and maintain HUGE distance, but we’ll actually sit down at a real table, on real chairs, and be served a real meal!

I’ll also feel comfortable to return to the friendly confines of my local writer’s club! Masks and social distancing required. Can’t wait. Who knows? We may even socialize with a few friends.

However, the most anticipated upcoming event?

After more than a year, I’m going to get a pedicure!!

Margaritas, Mayhem & Murder – Andi Anna Jones Mystery # 1 COMING SOON!

2 thoughts on “The Year of COVID

  1. Kenneth Cunningham

    Some memories I hope don’t repeat. The closeness, improved communication, and assurance of perpetual relationship is repeating itself every day is a wonderful thing ….. the covid part I hope is gone for ever.

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