Retribution: The Riveting Sequel to Redemption

Almost six long years have passed since Carmela Santiago witnessed the hitman she loved assassinate her father. Now she is ready to exact her plan of revenge against him and the people he loves. Carmela will stop at nothing to tear his family apart.

Running her father’s drug smuggling empire, she will use every resource at her disposal, including money, sex, the men in her life, and her very own cold-blooded sicario, to help her carry out her deeds.

Nicholas D’Angelo, the contract killer, once employed by Carmela’s father has his family safely tucked away in a compound in Tuscany, Italy. Many times he has regretted his decision to let Carmela live.

Forced by the government to return to the United States and resume the life of a killer, Nick knows will put his family in jeopardy. Carmela Santiago has the means to destroy him and all those he holds dear.

Carmela moves forward with her plan of revenge, but her closest allies are fast becoming her enemies. As she pushes things to the limit, Carmela gets caught in her own web of lies, murder, and deceit. With the stakes rising higher, she is determined to win. Nick will use everything at his disposal to stop her.

My Review:

Suspense builds in Stephanie Baldi’s follow up novel, Retribution.

Nick D’Angelo is forced, by the US government, to move his family from their safe, Tuscan compound to South Dakota to resume his life as a paid assassin. Forced to leave for months at a time, he fears for the lives of his wife and children. With good reason.

Carmela Santiago is out for revenge. Having witnessed Nick, the man she loved, kill her father, she seeks to hold him and his entire family, responsible. The plan begins with seducing the son of Nick’s wife, Carrie. Invited by Bobby to spend Thanksgiving with his mother and siblings, Carmela recruits Nick’s confidant and long-time family bodyguard, to help exact her revenge.

While I purchased the Kindle download, like the first novel, Redemption, this is a page turner. I almost got finger burns swiping my tablet!

Excellent, detailed, yet fast paced writing, unforgettable characters, and distinctive, yet believable storyline, are expertly displayed in this series. The third and (I’m told) final installment is slated for release this year. I can’t wait!

Stephanie Baldi Bio:

Nominated for Georgia Author of the Year for Redemption, Stephanie grew up in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach. Her love of writing began with Saturday trips with her mother to the small local library where children would gather to hear a story read by the local Librarian. After the story ended, Stephanie would pick out a book to take home and read.

Throughout her teen and young adult years, Stephanie’s desire to pen a novel of her own always simmered in the background.Stephanie Baldi

But it was not until years later after a career in Patient Accounting and a stint as a Licensed Realtor that her dreams of becoming a writer flourished with a move to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. It was there that her first novel, Redemption was conceived. But family trials and tribulations forced her to abandon the manuscript for a time until her move to Georgia to be closer to her family.

Determined to finish her manuscript, she settled in and after countless hours sitting at her computer, Redemption was finally completed. Drawn to thriller and suspense novels, Stephanie is dedicated to giving her reader’s fast-paced, high stakes, page-turning stories that keep you on the edge of your seat and are full of surprising twists.

The author resides at her lake home in Villa Rica, Georgia with her husband and two cats. Retribution the sequel to Redemption was released in June 2019. She is currently working on the final installment in the trilogy titled Reckoning! You can find her online at Or follow her on Facebook and Twitter at sbauthor7.

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