Toe the Line – Madeline McEwen

My worst job was as a travel agent in Miami, FL. I was so bad, I’d hide behind my computer screen to keep from waiting on customers. Reflecting on my latest mystery, Margaritas, Mayhem & Murder and main character, Andi Anna Jones as my alter ego and equally pathetic travel agent, I asked some of my fellow authors to think back on their worse job, ever. Here’s Madeline McEwen’s perspective.

author headshotToe the Line

I’ve toiled away at so many terrible jobs, it’s hard to pick the worst. As a single parent, I had no choice but to take whatever was going. The British equivalent of Social Security wouldn’t cover the bills, so I said yes to any paying job, most often at the minimum wage with zero benefits or perks.

That said, without specifying, I think we all know that the worst job isn’t necessarily a poorly paid position. Rather, it is the job where employees are disrespected by the boss, colleagues or the general public. On average, we spend eight or nine hours, five days a week with these people and they are the ones who affect our work experience.


Just as there are bullies in the school play yard, so there are also persecutors in the workplace. Hence, as a writer my workstation travels along with my laptop and I choose the company I keep be they flesh and blood people or imaginative fictions. Either way, I hope and wish you also have the freedom of escapism in which ever realm you choose.


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6 thoughts on “Toe the Line – Madeline McEwen

    1. Alison Bruce

      You are so right, Bonnie! You also learn a lot about other people and, even the worst jobs have the benefit of providing grist for the mill.

  1. Alison Bruce

    Great post Madeline! It got me thinking about my not-so-bad jobs that were made horrible by the people I worked with. Fortunately, most of those jobs came along before I had too many responsibilities and I was young enough not to have to worry about getting another job.

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