To Dye, Or Not to Dye…That is the Question.


This is a question I’ve asked myself for more than twenty years.

It was 1999. We lived in South River, NJ.

Every evening we’d take our little rescue terrier, Molly, for a walk around the block. Sometimes down to the park and into town.

But, I digress.

During this one particular stroll, the sun was setting behind the trees; casting an unflattering spotlight on the top of my head. My husband, who’s 6’3″ (I’m a foot shorter), had a perfect view.

I could “feel” his stare. I chuckled, “I know, I know. Time to get rid of the salt and pepper look.”

Without missing a beat he replied, “I’ve got news for you, honey. There ain’t no pepper left.”

Ahem…Don’t you just love ’em?

Next day I ran to the store for my trusty box of Clairol.

I figure from then ’til now, that covers about 82 times I’ve colored my hair, or rather, attempted to cover the gray/white. That’s 8 times a year times 19 years, not including in-between touchups.

I’d talked, endlessly, about just letting it grow out. Finally, I’d had enough. Screw you, Clairol, Revlon, L’Oreal, Garnier. I’m done!

I consulted my fabulous stepdaughter/hairdresser, Stephanie, who was visiting at the time. She not only gave me a new cut and style, she laid out some options for “growing out the gray”.

First step was consulting my local hairdresser, Lori. We agreed the best way to approach the task was to use ash blonde highlights to blend with my ever-blossoming white scalp. She even asked her mother, who has the most gorgeous silver hair, by the way, to reassure me it wasn’t going to be as awful as I imagined.

Bottom line, I love it!!! My husband said, “Wow! You look ten years younger!”

I understand why embracing gray, silver, white; whatever your natural color, might be too big a step for you, but I’m ready, willing, and eager to let go of the medium brown dye.

So, what’s your choice? Pink highlights? Purple? All-over color? It’s all a matter of personal choice.

(Still going to color the eyebrows, though)

2 thoughts on “To Dye, Or Not to Dye…That is the Question.

  1. Dot

    I love the lighter tone, Mary. I too have struggled with that question…would love to try the gray color I’ve see some singears use or the pink that Meghan Trainor sported while cohosting with Hoda Kotb yesterday. But I’m still coloring. I do t have the patience to go through the growing out process, so I guess I’ll keep doing what I do. I have had to add an IT brand eyebrow pencil…eyebrows are too thin on their own these days. Good luck! Dot

  2. Thanks, Dot! I really believe I’m going to like it. If not, I can always go back to coloring or get more highlights.

    Yeah, I hear you about the eyebrows. Mine are practically nonexistent!

    Isn’t aging grand!?! 😁

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