Spirited Friends

Spirit Woman Prayer Scarf
Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf

Almost thirteen years ago, I met Dana Taylor. She was a fairly new author with a small publishing company and I had just gotten published  by the same publisher. That was my first experience with actually having my words…MY WORDS…in print and I was lost. If you’d looked in the dictionary under the word, “Newbie”  at that time, you would’ve seen my pathetic picture.

Fortunately, our publisher, Karen Syed, recognized my fears and was patient and nurturing; something I desperately needed. Dana and several other others also picked up the slack. No question was insignificant or stupid. Every concern I had was answered and expanded. Had it not been for the camaraderie and unselfishness back then, I’m not sure if I would’ve gone on to have seven more books published.

Fast-forward ten years. While Dana and I kept in touch through social media, we connected on a much deeper plane through a mutual interest in meditation and energy healing. I was, again, the newbie. Again, no question was silly; and I had lots of them for my friend. We spent hours Skyping and talking on the phone.

While I was slowly finding peace within myself, life jumped up and bit me in the butt. A series of setbacks (we all have them) sent me into a funk. Dana, instinctively, knew it. One day I received a beautiful gift in the mail. A Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf. My mood began to lift, soon after.

Some people live their lives in a bubble; never looking beyond their own immediate needs. I’ve been fortunate to find a handful of souls who look far beyond.

Dana is one of those.

Oh, and, as mentioned above, she’s also a fabulous author!

Dana Taylor Bio: Dana Taylor

Raised in the cultural crossroads of Southern California, Dana Taylor explores spirituality, healing, relationships, and multidimensional living in her writing. Her search for personal wellness lead to studying alternative medicine, essential oils, and energy healing. She is a Reiki Master.

Her books have won various awards including Golden Quill Awards Best First Book (Ain’t Love Grand), and 2014 Independent Spirit Book Awards – Energy Medicine Category (Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation, and Me). She has frequently been on the Amazon Bestseller lists.

She and her daughters have also teamed up to create the early reader series “Nina’s Kids,” offering basic beginning reading books with fun photos taken from her family archives.

Her website, SupernalLiving.com features spirituality, healing energy, and wonder. She can also be found on the web at DanaTaylorAuthor.com. Currently, she divides her time between Hawaii, Missouri, and California.

Among other sites, her books can be found on Amazon.




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