Molly In Maine

Molly watching Dad and Ev leave Maine 1997

Our adopted “daughter” Molly – in Maine watching Dad leave shore without her!

She adopted us in 1995 when she was about 3, at least that’s the age we were given by the Miami Animal Shelter. Her first “mom” had died and a neighbor brought Molly into the shelter because there were no relatives to take her. Lucky us.

We lived in Fort Myers, at the time, and were considering getting a dog because my husband traveled during the week and he knew I was getting a little lonely. Since we lived in a small patio home in a community with weight restrictions, we knew we wanted a small dog; preferably housebroken.

During Ken’s first trip through the shelter, he missed Molly, but on a second trip (he felt compelled to give one more look) past the cages of older dogs, there she was; sitting quietly behind two barking German shepherds. Ken asked to meet her and the rest is history; love at first sight.

Molly left us October 10, 2008. Still seems like yesterday. We had 13 years with her, and if we’d had our druthers, we would’ve had 13 more.

But, back to the picture above. We were visiting dear friends in Maine who lived on a gorgeous lake. The first morning, we got up smelling coffee and welcoming the fresh Maine air; that is until Molly chased a skunk under an outbuilding and returned wearing her own “special scent.”

Our friends told us that the “special scent” remained in their home for several months.

After almost three years, we adopted a new little girl. Lucy. Her name came to us, immediately. “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.” She was, and still is a silly, loving, playful Shiz tzu/Llasa Apso mix (or at least that’s what the vets and groomers think). Unlike her sister, Molly, she is not an outdoor girl. Molly could go out in the morning with Ken and explore all day. Lucy is much happier exploring the neighborhood inside at her lookout window.

Lucy at her window
Lucy at her lookout post

Just a snippet of detail about the almost twenty years we’ve been blessed to know two of the most loving, pure souls that have lived on Earth. Counting on at least ten more with Lucy.

Here’s to you, Molly Girl.
xoxo, Mom

Adopt – Don’t Shop!

If you’re so inclined, please leave a comment about your special rescue kid!


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